There is no defined standard for colour ordering within a pixel IC. Where we typically describe the colour order of a LED as RGB or RGBW, these can vary within the individual chip type. This leads to a lot of different combinations of potential colour orders. (i.e. GRB / BRG / WRGB).

ENTTEC’s Pixel Controllers contain a feature that will reorder the incoming signal to match the order of the colours on the chip. This is especially useful if you have already programmed your lights as RGB or the software you are using only has an RGB option.

Refer to your pixel tape manufacturer to find out the correct colour order for the pixels, and then adjust the colour order within the Pixel Controllers themselves.

Note: Some software such as ELM also has an option to change pixel order. You should only change the colour order in either the software or the Pixel Controller to ensure this re-ordering doesn’t happen twice.