The voltage range of your PLink Injector must match the Pixels and Power Supply voltage, you intend to use with the PLink Injectors.

  • If your LED Pixel Voltage is 5V, use a 5V PLINK INJECTOR and 5V power supply.
  • LED Pixel Voltage is 12-24V, use a 12-24V PLINK INJECTOR and appropriate power supply.

If your LED pixels require a higher voltage, look to use our controllers with a wider voltage range, i.e. the ENTTEC OCTO.

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IP rating

For outdoor installations we also have an IP rated PLINK INJECTOR which can be configured to control either 5v or 12v-24v pixels.

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Achieving more than 10Amp

The PLink is limited to a 10Amp through-put, however there is a way to wire a PLink which will allow you to use higher current power supplies. See our guide on how to achieve this