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Multiple instances of EMU VST

I currently use DMXIS to run very specific animation part by part and note by note in Ableton. I currently have it set up with 16 instances of DMXIS so I can collapse fixtures I am not working on, and focus just on a specific fixture. I'd like to do this same setup with EMU, but it is not supported.

This really is a must for this method of automation. Otherwise, I am attempting to sort through over 200 lanes of automation that are only labeled "Fader 1", "Fader 2", etc. It would be maddeningly tedious to work with an overall set of lanes.

As you mentioned in your message, with EMU there is only a one-to-one connection with a VST instance, therefore you can only run one instance. This is the same limitation for DMXIS where multiple instances were not supported. 

Regarding the labeling of each automation lane, I understand. Let's see if your Feature Request to rename these gets traction.

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I understand the intent in place for just 1 instance. Though DMXIS didn't technically support multiple instances, it DID function without flaw when mapping 16 separate VST's in one show. 

I urge the EMU development team to consider how multiple VST's could work and match what DMXIS allowed with organization in a DAW through a VST per fixture.This program is still in Beta, is it not? Until this potential function comes to be, I'm not sure I'll fully switch over from DMXIS.

Apologies if my statements come off as rude. I think EMU is a promising alternative that is intuitive and fresh. I'm excitedly hopeful that it can truly be an upgrade with some more flexibility.

Thank you for your feedback on this. I have asked the development team to investigate this going forward to see if there is a possiblity for this limitation to be increased. 

I just wanted to chime in here and add that my friend and I are also trying to map things in Ableton, and we would appreciate full support of multiple VST instances:

We are using EMU in a DJ setup with 2 audio channels, where we trigger audio clips that contain light automation as well (so when we play a song, it triggers its accompanying lighting automation). Since we overlap audio clips from 2 audio channels, we need to have 2 VST instances. We're currently dealing with trying not to clobber competing automation (assuming that the "latest automation for a parameter" is what gets displayed).

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