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EMU VST not compatible w/ Ableton Live 11

The EMU VST3 plugin does not show up in Ableton Live 11, but it does in Live 10. Is that an update on the roadmap?

This is not an issue that we are familiar with. Would you be able to provide us with some information regarding the specification of your computer?

Please also ensure that both System Folder and Customer Folder are ON for the VST3 options (see image below) within Ableton Preferences. 

Ensure that the file path for the VST3 is where the plug-in is located. 

If you are still experiencing issue with this, please uninstall EMU and delete the VST from the folder before download and installing EMU from our website - during the installation process ensure that the VST file is placed in the file path listed within Ableton Preferences. Once reinstalled, restart Ableton.

@ryan - To add to this what hardware platform are you running on?

-At the time of writing this, the VST3 plugin works on x64 (intel Macs only). - It's possible to run the Intel only version of the Ableton 11 plugin, although not ideal M1 Mac (Rosetta 2 will resolve this). We are targeting a build for Arm64 later this year. - what hardware platform are you using?


I am indeed running a new Apple M1 Max MacBook Pro with Ableton Live 11.1 running natively. Uninstalling EMU and deleting the VST did not fix. The VST 3 folder is on and even when I find the VST file manually, it cannot be added to a track. Ableton support noted that they changed the formatting for everything with the native build of Live 11.

I'm sitting tight for an ARM version of EMU. I can still use Live 10 for now.

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