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Please Add These 2 Fixtures and a Hazer

Please add these items for me:

TengChang PAR 54 light (I have 2 lights that look the SAME physically, but 2 different manuals, and the v1 light only does DMX8, the V2 light does 4/8ch)

The two manuals are attached below, the company has no website I can find but here is the store link from Amazon:

Version 1:

DMX 8ch does NOT match the EMU fader names for Generic Color PAR 8ch

Ch 01 - Master Dimming

Ch 02 - Strobe slow to fast

Ch 03 - Function Option: 0-50 = DMX 8 ch control, 51-100=Jump Change, 101-150=Gradual Change, 151-200=Pulse Change, 201-255=Sound Control

Ch 04 - Function Speed (slow to fast)

Ch 05 - Red (dark to bright)

Ch 06 - Green (dark to bright)

Ch 07 - Blue (dark to bright)

Ch 08 - White (dark to bright)


Version 2:

DMX 8ch DOES match the EMU fader names for Generic Color PAR 8ch

This light operates as DMX 8ch if you set A000 to a number

This light operates as DMX 4ch if you set d000 to a number

Ch 01 - Master Dimming (0-255)

Ch 02 - Red 

Ch 03 - Green

Ch 04 - Blue

Ch 05 - White

Ch 06 - Strobe (slow to fast)

Ch 07 - Function:  0-50=DMX 8ch Control, 51-100=Program Color Selection, 101-150=Jump, 151-200=Gradual Change, 201-250=Pulse Change, 251-255=Voice Control

Ch 08 - Speed (Color, voice)


Rockville RockHaze 700/1000 V2 HAZER:

Ch 01 - Output of Haze

Ch 02 - Fan Speed (throw of haze)

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These have now been added to the Crescit library, meaning the fixture will be available as of next Monday (16.05.22).

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