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Speed setting with VST

I have the VST triggering lights via automation in Presonus Studio One DAW.  It is working great.  However I had some chase scenes that looked fine when my DAW is not open with the VST.  The master speed fader in EMU would be active and I could mess with it to adjust the chase speed.

The EMU manual says how when using the VST it tries to map to the tempo of the song.  What i'm getting is all my chases slowed way down, and the master speed fader is stuck at 20 when the DAW and VST are open with EMU.

The song I've got loaded has a tempo map that fluctuates slightly around 95-105bpm.

I tried making a song with a flat tempo and it does the same thing, locks it at 20 and all my chase scenes are too slow.

Am I missing something?  Is it a possible bug?

Thank you for any help or advice!


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I decided to try a test.  I loaded up Ableton Live 11 and brought in the EmuVST.

The oscillators in the chase scenes I have worked fine!  Also the speed in EMU did in fact change with the tempo if I altered the tempo in Ableton!  So the VST seems to work correctly with that DAW.

Is there a reason anyone can think of why it would work fine in that but not in Studio One from Presonus?  Going to raise the issue there also, but if anyone has any ideas I'd be happy to hear them.


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