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Channel Masking

Does Emu support channel masking similar to how DMXis did?

Additionally, as a Reaper user, the VST User Interface is very lacking compared to the DMXis version.  Are there any plans to improve the UI experience?

Hi Sean! Currently EMU does not support channel masking. I'll make sure to push your request to the development team for consideration. 

For the VST interface, can you explain what you are looking for? We have no plans to have an instance of EMU open inside your DAW the same way that DMXIS did. Is that what you are looking for? Or is it just that you have other suggestions for the VST UI? 

Any update on channel masking or having the ability to exclude faders from being updated when changing a program or scene?  

maybe he means that there is no UI at all for the VST


you can enable the Reaper UI, but it's not really pretty (and has too much faders)


 I somewhat made a workaround by adding the 7 Faders I use to the track controls

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