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Feature Request(s): Oscillator Usability

Oscillators are great, but challenging to use and require a lot of trial and error to achieve the desired effect. Here are some suggestions that would go a long way to help ease the effort of using oscillators:

1. Double-click setting number to enter a number directly (mouse control of a dial is unpredictable and imprecise)

1a. Press Enter key to set the input number. I mention this because even "set value" entry for regular fixture sliders doesn't accept the Enter key. That could be a separate feature request, but consider them one and the same.

2. Oscillator Count: "Terminate after <value> cycles" with a checkbox to turn it on at all. This is requested in other threads so consider it a +1.

3. Visualization: When trying to get the timing of a particular effect correct, it can be difficult to understand where in the oscillation you are. Especially when switching programs and with complex chasing - dialing in where to set the phase to get what you want can be challenging. This can sometimes be hacked with multiple programs and/or stretching/compressing the number of bars unnaturally, but it would be more useful to be able to set it right with a better understanding of what was actually happening with the oscillation.

4. Set upper and lower limit directly: Yes, you can get to this based on the unintuitive process of setting the fixture fader as the 50% mark of the desired range and dialing in the "amount." Depending on the oscillator shape, this can be more or less challenging, but still bad from a usability standpoint. Especially since to change that 50% mark you have to delete the oscillator, set it, and try again. How about upper and lower limit lines on the fixture fader when the oscillator is selected that can be moved or double-clicked to enter numbers?

Thanks for considering these suggestions.

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Adding another:

5. When deleting an oscillator, reset faders to the value they were manually set. So if I set a fader at 100 in order to have the oscillator use the range 0-200, when I delete the oscillator, the fader should be at 100. This would make iteration and "debugging" much easier. Currently the fader just sits wherever the oscillator's motion left it.

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