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Fader mapping gone haywire

Something seems to have gotten screwed up in the latest versions of EMU. None of my programs work correctly and I have tracked it down to the fader mapping being offset between what EMU says and what is being output through the DMX USB Pro. Everything is offset by 1 such that channel 1 shown in EMU is really output on channel 2 through the DMX USB Pro. The pattern continues from there.

This problem is present in versions and

I went back to version and the faders are mapped correctly in that one. I did not test any of the versions between and to see when this problem was introduced.... I'll leave that to the developers.

Windows 11

Okay I ended up debugging this for you guys.... you introduced it in version which interesting talks about fixing the DMB USB Pro output on Mac... somehow that ended up breaking the output for PC though. 

Hi Matt, you're absolutely right, this was identified a couple of days ago as being introduced. The issue is that output is shifted by a channel on the specific output hardware. The team are currently working on a fix that encompasses the Macos As you can imagine, it's far from ideal, we're pushing for a speedy fix. We'll be sure to update you as soon as the fix goes live- Internal development tracking number of this bug is 2339.

Hi Matt, this should be resolved in the beta released earlier today

Yes it is fixed now, thanks.

Nice response guys.  I am watching all bugs as we are thinking of moving to a new MAC M3 and would like to stick with EMU

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