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Fixture VST mapping spontaneously stops working in Ableton Live 10 Suite


When I try to map fixtures to the VST plugin in Ableton, it usually works just fine at first but then as I start automating parameters (or sometimes totally randomly), Ableton stops controlling the fixture parameters in EMU. When I change the fixture params in EMU it still changes the fixture in Ableton so I know it's still kind of connected, but Ableton just no longer controls EMU.

If I completely delete the fixture from the patch and then add it again and redo the VST mapping, it fixes for a moment but then goes back to not working. Sometimes restarting both programs also works but not always.

Please let me know what I can do to fix this :) thank you!

Ableton Ver. 10.1.43

MacOS Ver. 11.6.5

EMU Ver.


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