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Feature Request: Midi control of a master FADE TIME (like master dimmer)

I have a fantastic setup going using EMU, Presonus Studio One, a midi pad controller and widi wireless bluetooth.  

I can sit out in the venue, (within 60 feet of the backtrack laptop or so) with my battery powered midi pad and control EMU.  

I have mapped one of my faders to master dimmer using the EMU midi learn. 

It would be incredibly intuitive and convenient if I could control FADE the same way.  

Can you add a midi map to a master fade parameter? 
Instead of having to create separate banks of separate programs some with fade times and some without.  We could simply adjust the fade time and then select a basic all white program for example and it would make using a midi controller far more powerful and efficient.    It would make the shows more efficient as well, as we only have 128 programs per bank it would be nice if I didn't have to duplicate all my programs to add one with a fade time.  I hope this all makes sense.  LOVING EMU. 

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