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Issue With Oscillator Delayed Start Time When Switching Programs

There is a delay between when a program switches and an oscillator starts that can cause unwanted results. I'd like to hear from others if this a bug, if I'm doing something wrong, or if there is a work around. Here is an example scenario:

- The color palette I want for a section of a song is blue and white.

- On my fixture, the color settings for the appropriate fader are:

      - White 20

      - Red 40

      - Blue 60

- To flash between blue and white, I would set the fader to 40, then set a square oscillator to an "Amount" of 20. So far, so good.

- The issue is that when I switch to this program, there's a delay before the oscillator starts, so I get a flash of red (where I had to set the fader). Once the oscillator gets going, everything works as expected.

- Even if I do a program change where the oscillator is the same (so a duplicate program with scene changes happening in other fixtures), where I would want this blue/white flashing to just be continuous, I end up with a bunch of red flashes breaking the continuity and the palette of the scene. 

- If it even just froze on blue or white for an instant, that would be acceptable, but the red flash is wrecking the whole thing.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Note that ramp up and ramp downs are affected by this quite noticeably as well. A simple dimmer will flash in the middle before going down to ramp up or pop up to ramp down.

Thank you for reporting this Chris. 

I have sent this to the developers to investigate.

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