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Turning ELM output off and on

Hi folks… I'm new to Elm, but finding it very intuitive. I'm controlling 96 RGB strips and so far everything looks great. I'm able to use Live mode to map simple videos and throw them on the strips. I'm also able to send OSC messages to control many function s such as what media to use. What I can't figure out is how to turn the outputs on and off. Eg what button do I press on the GUI or what OFC command can I send to start and stop a show… IWhen stopped 'd like to be able to turn all the LEDs off. I know this is a simple question but I can't find anything in the documentation or in my hours with a GUI that does that simple task. Any help appreciated.


Hi JC,

If you go to the Settings page, there is a "DMX Output" toggle you can use to turn off DMX Output from ELM. Here's a screenshot with the relevant toggle circled in red:


Thanks Andrew.. that helps. very much !. but it only stops the DMX transmission. That leaves the lights in the last driven state is tehre a way to force all LEDS dark before doing that  ? I suppose I could trigger an all dark media strip first.. but that sounds kinda kludgy. Is there a more direct way to go all dark ? Thanks !

The only other thing you can do is drop the intensity to 0%, then you might not need to turn off DMX? Media Intensity can also be controlled via remote control (DMX/Art-Net/sACN/OSC/HTTP). 

Adding onto what Sam mentioned, remote control of ELM is likely the easiest way to do an "All off" command by having all stages switch to a blank media for output. You would just need to know what slots you have blank so you can jump to them. 

Andrew, Sam, Thanks for your help. I’ve reached the same conclusion and now can successfully sent an LLC message to set intensity to zero and or switch to a media of black loop.… All good. Now a question about the best way to do remote. I’m very familiar with touch OSC running on the phone or an android. The problem is this application is going to be in a very hostile environment (the deserts of burning Man)… Do either of you know of a good plug-in (vs wireless) platform that can be used for OSC control Via buttons, sliders… Either physical or on a screen?… Again I know how to do this wirelessly but was wondering if there was a ready-made plug-in controller that you have used. Thanks for all your help
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