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Aligning strips and bulk editing


I am new  to ELM but really finding it intuitive. I've got it working quite well to be able to display videos on 96 RGB addressable strips. One thing I'm not able to see is simple commands for aligning large number of strips in Stage design .I'm aware that I can great a regular array by setting the appropriate offsets when I duplicate a strip.. but i'm looking for something more graphical.  E.g.  i'm looking for simple commands that would allow me to select  a bunch of strips and align their bottom edges, or space them equally horizontally.   Does such a feature exist ? If not.. I suggest that it would be very useful

Also,, i'm wondering if there's an easy way to bulk edit things like strip names and other attributes.  know I can select individual Strips under the Stage screen.. and edit them.. but thats really time consuming. Is there perhaps an export/input path that would allow me to manipulate names  in a spreadsheet. ?  Any guidance on one or both of these questions would be most appreciated

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There are no direct tools to align quickly, though using a combination of the options along the bottom, you can set the position via the XY coordinates and change the Width and Height. The Offset options in the bottom left will also allow you to center and move the strips. 

There isn't an export/import option for renaming; you can select multiple strips and edit the name via Group.

We will see if this request receives traction from other members of the community before sending it to the developers to investigate

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