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ELM Remote control and colors

I am somewhat new to ELM.. and really enjoying it. Tonight I got my light system (ELM->PixconMKII led controller->14,400 addressable RGB pixels) working with OSC Remote control via TouchOSC.  Everythign is working well except the color transistions have stopped. 
My TouchOSC control surface has only a few controls:
I set intensity (eg. /elm/stages/*/live/intensity/ 0.5) , pattern speed (eg /elm/stages/*/live/speed 5) and media choice (eg. /elm/stages/*/live/media/ 4) . It all looks great. the  only thing is when I enable my OSC remote my patterns stop changing color... So my media which shows a moving pattern of vertical color bars when not in OSC remote mode  looks like a moving pattern of a fixed color .. where I can change intensity, speed and media.. but the color stops changing. As soon as I turn of the OSC control via the ELM Settings->remote->OSC.  the colors start changing again.

What is happening when I enable the remote OSC mode that stops the color cycling I see when not in remote mode ?  Is there an OSC command I need to issue to enable the color change to continue ? 

thanks for any help !


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