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manual creation of output destination.... possible?

Hi all!  First post here.  Excited to have discovered your software.

I made some art-net light controllers with esp32.  When I use my own software to control them I get much better results if I broadcast to them directly.  aka, instead of globally.  But they don't show up in the output screen.  They do respond to the global broadcast that comes up (, but with lots of dropped frames.  Is there any way I can add an output manually instead of just by the automated discovery?



Hi Christopher,

While EMU does not currently have a manual unicast function, it uses Art-Poll to discover devices on the network so if your devices are able to respond to Art-Poll then they should respond and appear in the device list as a unicast option.

Hi Christopher, did you find a way to do it? Very interested in this variant you are proposing. I haven't found much online about it. Any advise is appreciated. 

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