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Using OSC with D-Pro

I'm new to OSC but have been using D-Pro for over a year and feel fairly comfortable with it now. We currently use MIDI commands to control snapshots from two sources on the network, and they both work great.

But I've recently added BitFocus Companion to our presentation computer and am wanting to add some controls to Companion for managing D-Pro in emergencies via my phone. I initially started installing MidiRelay, but I was also thinking ahead toward feedback so Companion would show the current live snapshot, and that could be tedious to program with midi.

Enter OSC. I did a little checking and found that OSC is supposed to include feedback natively, so I think that will work far better for this use case to offer remote control of D-Pro from mobile devices. The problem is that I've never used it before, and now I'm stuck and can't figure out why commands aren't triggering D-Pro.

I have OSC turned on in D-Pro, and I have the port set in Companion. It's a generic OSC module, so it doesn't have a direct check-in like the Pro7 and OBS modules do to confirm there's someone listening on the other end. The command defaults to include /osc/path, so I've added a command with that and without it—but neither does anything. I've tried variations of the State segment of the command (with quotes, without, etc.), copied to both aforementioned commands since I don't know for sure if that extra bit at the start is needed to control D-Pro or not. It's neither triggering snapshots nor buttons. I didn't see anything in the D-Pro documentation that mentioned snapshots and OSC, so I don't even know if it can be used for that. But first thing is to make sure D-Pro is being activated period, and then I can drill down to the exact feature I want. Unless snapshots just aren't an option? But that would seem like stupid implementation to me, so I doubt that would be the case.

Since D-Pro isn't well-documented in the community (tutorials, etc.), I can't find a resource that shows setup steps to see what I'm missing. Does anyone else here use OSC with D-Pro who can check my work?


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I apparently didn't read all the way through the commands list, and snapshots are at the bottom. I tried that with my current setup, and it still didn't work. That doesn't surprise me since it seems like I went wrong somewhere else.

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