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two new Bugs in EMU

There appears to be a couple of new bugs recently introduced to EMU.


I am using the free tier but was using MIDI CC mapped to some faders on the Beta version and Faders are still linked but as expected, now do not respond to MIDI.


Bug 1:  MIDI linked faders (yellow) that have been adjusted since initial load drop to zero if you reload a program. (Initial program run loads saved fader values from before the midi links were made)


Bug 2:  Selecting fixtures with a mouse using the top bar (to Lock etc) causes some of the faders in that fixture to change value. As you select more fixtures the values keep changing as if applying a Fan or similar

Using latest Release version of EMU

Regards Allen

Hi. Wondering if you've been able to replicate these bugs?



Hi. I see Matt has reported the same bug (#2) .

See his screenshots

Next week the new EMU version will be released with both bugs fixed

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