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Does EMU work with DMXIS Box?

I have the classic blue DMXIS USB interface (with the 3 pin, 5 pin and footswitch connections).

Will this adapter work with EMU?

Hi there, it will indeed. You also get a year's free license if you claim your DMXIS serial number through our web portal. - You can find out more about this on our EMU webpage ( 

Thank you for the very quick reply James.

I have done that and am happy to report that it is working perfectly.

I now have the rather large job of getting all my fixtures working.

I have a open question on if we can create our own fixtures or if we just have to rely on the 'official' library.

Many of my fixtures have very poor documentation and require a lot of trial and error.

I have always set them up manually in the past (Lightjam, QLC etc)

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No worries, glad to hear! You can definitely submit everything you have regarding fixture information in the fixture creation forum where the guys at Crescit will build it for you. We pull updates from Crescit every Sunday night and auto compile the library ready for download (the latest version can be downloaded within ELM by navigating to the Settings menu).

If you're requesting a handful of fixtures, we recommend you add them as separate tickets to make processing them easier for the Crescit team. - We have a manual creation tool planned in the backlog, but Crescit is the only method available for now.

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