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Very buggy seeming

Seems very buggy and unfinished.

I am not sure if it is just my installation, OR me not understanding the program.

I have full read the documentation but it does not seem to be kept current with releases.

  1. Selection windows that are opened and not selected for input requiring a mouse click (not a big deal but annoying).
  2. I cannot get oscillators to work, they did once and then they stopped. It always states 'no faders' and nothing happens.  I have tried at least a dozen times, selecting color faders, Pan/Tile faders and pattern faders in various combinations and individually.
  3. If you place the lights in a position and then try and use the XY widget it immediately resets them back to 0,0 upon selecting it (which causes the light to do strange looking things).
  4. On the XY tool, there are two 'pointers' (where the xy meet) vs the expected one.  What are they for?  
  5. XY Widget: If I select 4 fixtures it will often only move 2 or 3 of them vs all 4.
  6. Clear rarely works correctly the first time, leaving some fixtures only partially reset.
  7. Lost all my patches.  I did not want to save the program changes I had made on exit, but did not realize it would also delete all the patched fixtures.  A better warning would be good.  

At that point it had taken me about 2 hours to setup and I was too annoyed to continue "testing".

I am using the beta release, going to roll back this afternoon and will update this with any changes or improvements.

Hi Joe, thanks for the feedback and thanks for running the latest beta.

There are a lot of points here, some seem related to use case / potentially the installation (especially the oscillators one).

If you could drop a message to it'd be great for us to dig into these in a bit more detail with you and potentially arrange a phone call.

Documentation is high on the agenda and should be out early next week once the next development plan is implemented. (we've been focused full steam ahead with the latest release planning) - I've been sure to add your point about thee warnings to our list of development tasks!

I will take time this afternoon to do a much better job of testing and documenting this, including pictures and steps needed to recreate the issues.

Often (as I am sure you know) just the task of documenting a 'bug' reveals that it is not a bug after all but a End User Malfunction.

I am a full time software developer and I hate it when one of my users sends in a bug report that does not have enough details to actually help chase down the problem.

Just got one this morning I got a email, entire message: 'New changes do not work correctly, please FIX asap!!!!!'

This was on a release with about 8 new features and a dozen bug fixes....SMH.


It’s still buggy, I bought it and it crashed and now will not load, crashes on boot up, buyer beware….

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