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All Attributes Resetting On Fixture Change

I am not sure if the below are bugs or just me not understanding the use.



Setup: 4 basic moving head fixtures, 12 ch each.

Pan and Tilt both have a normal and fine channel.

I reset the program and confirmed it still does the below.

Issue One

  1. Goto Programs, create new program called 'Straight Out'
  2. Click Close
  3. First Issue: at top it still shows 'New Program 1' not the new 'Straight Out' name.  
  4. Go back to programs, select a different program, then select 'Straight Out' again, Name at top is now 'Straight Out'

Issue Two
In the below steps 'select spot' means clicking on the title bar for that fixture above the DMX sliders.
  1. select spot 1, set Pan/Tilt to 88,60, set dimmer to 255
  2. select spot 2, set Pan/Tilt to 88,60, set dimmer to 255
  3. Select spot 1
  4. All DMX channels reset to 0

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