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Bug Report: Clear Button Not 100%


Setup: 4 basic moving head fixtures, 12 ch each.

Pan and Tilt both have a normal and fine channel.

I reset the program and confirmed it still does the below.

When I click 'Clear' sometimes it resets everything like it should and other times it does not.


Just clicked Clear and then confirmed.

It reset 3 of my fixtures Pan and Tilt to 128

The 4th fixture it reset the Tilt to 128 and left Pan at 0

Just clicking clear a 2nd time resets everything correctly.

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So, I am not going to waste my time documenting and reporting issues just to be ignored.
This is the third reported issue that has no response at all after 7 days.
This is not a open source project where people are working on it part time, it is a commercial paid  application (even if a version is included for a limited time through hardware purchases) that is attempting to compete with other commercially available options.

Just a simple response is pretty reasonable, especially when you are still actively working on software that is barely out of beta.

I am a full time software developer and if I treated my end uses like that I would not have any.

If a company cares about their product then the development team needs to have a single person responsible for triaging reported issues and responding to end users and then reporting back to the programmers.  Even if that response is just 'yes, this sounds like a bug and we have created a devops or case number for it #####'
'This look like a possible issue where you are not understanding the software correctly, we are super busy right now but give us a week or so and we will try and help you with it'

 Anyway....just my thoughts, take it or leave it.

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