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Emu doesn't control correctly my light with DMX USB Pro

I'm fresh in the world of lights and I'm stuck with EMU and my gear.

I'm using brand new DMX USB PRO, DMX Firmware 1.44, USB port updated, DMX cable and try to control a Nicols Color Truss on DMX 1, 6 channels. 



I'm using the right fixture : 


Fader Red controls nothing, Green controls Red, Blue controls Green and White controls Blue. In any position the color is flickering (not like a strobe).

I"ve a second light and both react in the same way.

Any clue to solve this ?

The same issue with the COB30 I have, I would suggest you have the wrong manufacturer.  the fixture name can be used by more than one manufacturer... the COB30 I have by BEAMZ has the same name as several other manufacturers.  I grabbed the COB30 under fixture but it wasn't BEAMZ and was 7 channels not 8 like the beamz is, hence the mapping was all wrong. Go into Manufacture and make sure you have the right fixture for the right manufacturer.  also, make sure the fixture is set for the same number of channels you are selecting in EMU. 

So light can be DMX 1, 4 channel... EMU must reflect light brand and fixture, DMX AND number of channels.

Thx Craig for your answer. 

I've checked it twice and i'm sure to be under Nicols manufacturer.

Is it possible that the fixture is wrong ?

Possible, is the fixture set for the right number of channels? I had a similar issue, was running the light on 8 channel but in emu was running 5… nothing worked correctly at all. Also make sure it’s the right model, maybe ask in fixture requests? Sounds like the channels are swapped somehow…

There was a bug fixed regarding shifted DMX channel in recent Beta , please update from EMU Settings

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