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Beamz SlimPAR COB30RGB

Hi Guys,

New guy to DMX and EMU, I have TWO Beamz COB30RGB which are 3, 5, or 8 channels... in EMU the COB30RGB is only allowing 1, 4, or 7 channels, if I run 7 I can get it to work, kinda, the RED is mapped to Strobe and strobe to a different colour... 

How can I get the BEAMZ SlimPAR COB30RGB to show as 8 channels in EMU?

Many Thanks in advance.

Hi Team,

It seems the Generic RGB 8 BIT fixtures don't map correctly to the COB30 by BEAMZ.  the first (RED) is actually strobe then you can only control two colours as the first one runs strobe, you also cant (as its only 3 channels) control dimmer.  

Now sorted! Massive thanks tech support
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