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Hey Guys, I have been given three VERY old PAR cans, ASHTON177 Stage PAR LED.

They only have a dip switch (1-10) at the back as well DMX in/out.

Again they are very old but I want to see if I can get them working at some level (more for learning/education than anything, we may use them if they look good).

DIP 10 - on = DMX is on

DIP 7 is DMX 64

DIP 1 is DMX 1

Of course to get the DMX its DIP 1 + DIP 2 + DIP 3 ... ... = DMX channel ID

I believe they are 5 channel PAR CANS.

what generic fixture do you think would work in EMU?

I think the first channel is Strobe, when I set the first it strobes but also goes through every colour, each flash is a different colour, the higher the value the slower the strobe, the rest dont seem to make much difference, but I also cant use DIMMER as I dont know what channel its on...

Any thoughts, advice or feedback would be appreciated.  Yeah I could go buy another SLIMPAR 35 or COB30 for $100 or so bucks, but I want to learn something new.

Thanks in Advance

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I believe this is the newer version of what I have... my cans are black, only have DMX in/OUT and the red 10 dipswitch block. 

Professional polished aluminium Par 64 Can with bracket6 DMX 512 Channel, 

Stand alone and Master/Slave operationFunctions:


Sound active mode

Auto mode

Static colour mixing

RGB colour mixing

Internal programs with sound activation

Speed control



177 Ultra bright 10mm LED's (red 60, Blue 56, Green61)

LED Technology: emits No heat, long Lamp life: 100,000 hours

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