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EMU Crashes

So everytime I clear default values for the lights the software crashing. Why? Running a Enttec DMXUSB Pro

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Please provide steps to reproduce

Installed Emu today Mac OS Monterey. Loads of crashes. Unusable for me.

Hello Paul,

In the settings you may find "Open logs folder..." button. Curious to see it, could you please archive your log files and share here?

Emu very unstable for me also..unusable.

Just paid for Emu.
Installed on a PC, used it for around 30 mins. It would not save???
Looked on the internet seems this is a common issue. Emu then crashed… it now will not boot up. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled but it crashes as soon as it loads (see vid).
Can’t believe I actually paid for this… this is obviously not stable or reliable software..I was led to believe that it was better than DMXIS software…DMXIS has never crashed…

Program always becomes non-responsive when I quit EMU and it asks if I want to save the current show. The spinning wheel doesn’t allow any actions except to force quit from Finder.


Thomas, this is a known issue - don't quite EMU with "CMD+Q" or EMU-QUITE command. 

Use ONLY red cross to quite EMU. 

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