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Presonus Studio One vst drop out fix

You are here because you likely want an easy to use light controller application , additionally for one reason or another you want the additional option of using a VST in a daw host to control lights directly and not be forced to use midi triggering.  

I run lights for my sons band and I setup my sets using Presonus Studio One for backing and click tracks since that is what both my son and I are familiar with for recording.  We also used bandlab cakewalk but its automation envelopes are not as easy to draw, copy, assign etc. 

 After I programmed a fantastic show using a few banks of presets in EMU and calling them with the program and bank automation envelope in Presonus Studio One we tested the show at band practice. 

To our horror mostly randomly but also especially when changing the bank using the studio one automation envelope studio one automation would "disable" itself on the track and stop sending to EMU.    If you drag the playhead back to a marker or stop and start playback it would rearm, but that destroys the live show. 

Presonus support was no help.  After testing and googling we finally got it fixed and now it has played flawlessly for two live shows.  The problem and fix is in presonus :  1) Set the automation to TOUCH and 2). lock the track.  We were saved! I will attach a screenshot. 

(1.32 MB)

Program and Bank feedback fixed starting beta The thing to keep in mind is when switch bank program set to the first - to remove automation drop change program to one same time when change bank

NICE! that will help.  I was just assuming it was a presonus problem. Thats a nice bug fix reaction.  Unfortunately for me,  upgrading version is out of the question right now, my shows literally blow up and EMU stops sending DMX  if I try to load it in any more RECENT EMU version than the one I am on , I might try to troubleshoot that if I get time.  

If you can attach your show, it will help to debug back compatibility issue

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