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Presets stop working

Hello, thanks every now and then our presets stop responding, yet we still have access to dmx controls on the current preset and can make changes. We just can’t change presets anymore until we reboot the software. We have tried to different computers and are using the dmxis usb interface. We didn’t have this issue with dmxis before so just wondering what I should check.

I just changed out my Dmxis Usb box to a Chauvet DMXAN and I'm still having the same issues.  The presets eventually stop responding to changes, but I can still move faders on the last preset and make changes to any of the fixtures.

I'm running EMU on a Windows 10 PRO laptop Vserion 21H2

I've also attached the log file.


Am I the only one experiencing this?  Very frustrating! Rebooting the program is the only thing that get presets to respond again.

That is strange indeed, please try latest beta

Did you ever find a solution? We have the EXACT same issue! Running 1.7.4....

Nope, never could get it to be reliable.  I switched to Onyx which has a free universe with artnet.  

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Thanks for the reply... We just put a proposal together for replacing pretty much the entire A/V setup lighting items included, hoping a simple setup with Lightkey and a new USB interface will provide a better solution for how the two churches are using lighting.. Appreciate you!

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