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EMU and old Generic lights

Hi, I bought an Enttec Basic USB DMX. We mainly run our lights @ 20  or so (Auto via Sound) however we are also  trying to do everything self sufficiently, and hoping to improve our setup. I am new to the band have a few technical skills (Yes I use Samsung phones over IOS), and I use all platforms Android, IOS, MacOS, Windows and Linux. I use Mainstage on a Macbook M1 Pro for my keyboard sounds, and I was hoping to integrate lighting into our system in line with this possibly via EMU VST?. IE Light changes, when the song changes, and the possibility of changing light settings via foot switch via Midi CC. If possible

We also have a Chauvet Obey 6 mixer which I have managed to communicate with some lights so far (being the JC ones). I have tried out a number of 3rd party programs, and so far have found a few communicating such as Lightning DmxControl, QLC+ & Footlight.

I have started trialling EMU, but so far no luck recognising what I have on MacOS. I can't even see if it is recognising the EMU device.

We have several different types of lights, and they don't have not much in the way of part numbers. The only 2 I see are Jaycar part numbers being ST3600 and ST3602. I have been searching for info, but not much success on most devices other than the JC ones. Any advice would be appreciated, and at some point will add extra pix of the lights.


Could you, please, confirm your steps? As far as I got it:

1. Host machine Apple Silicone Mac.

2. You connect an ENTTEC device to it via USB. Please, clarify the device model.

3. Start EMU. What’s version?

4. Go to Preferences->Output and see no the connected device in the list.

Correct me if I am missing/confusing anything, please.

Sorry, I have the Basic one, which I discovered isn't supported. :(

Thanks for the reply - it is good to know for other users. 

What is a good site/forum to post pix of the lights, to see what they are?

Here is a link to the pix. Sorry I only have front pix.

I don't know such forums/sites. But can help you with identifying your items, however it is not firm, but still:

1) Bi Ray EL010;

2) Shehds LED flat bar 12x3w RGBW;

3) Shehds LED PAR 36;

4) Bi Ray PL008-BR;

5) Shehds LED PAR 7;

Also, I guess all these items may have Chinese replicas. 

BTW, in the second your post you said: "I have the Basic one, which I discovered isn't supported".

Could you please clarify what is "the Basic one"? And what doesn't support it?

Sorry, it's the basic Enttec USB. :(

this one?


Yes. That's it.

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