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Enttec emu with logic pro

I was looking for a way to use enttec emu with logic pro for lighting automation. Are there any solutions to make these two programs speak to eachother? Right now when we try to send any midi to emu directly it crashes and we can't get the two programs to speak to eachother.

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Please download recent beta, AUv2 was added - give it a try

How do I set up the midi from logic to communicate with Emu?

Logic Pro + EMU  ...using midi triggers.  Anyone doing this? 

 IT makes sense to port to midi triggers instead of automation envelopes then you can switch apps like studio one to bandlab cakewalk to abelton to logic just by importing a midi track.  Automation envelopes are not so easy handed off from one app to another. 

Is this a sustainable model?   I already find I can't update EMU without blowing up my existing show (which is...non plus).    Is anyone using EMU saved shows...triggered from midi on an apple device constantly successful.  Pros cant be messing with ("issues"). 

Many people are not "DAW" worldy, They only know how  to use bandlab and logic pro cuz thats what daddy bought them.   So it makes sense to go mac just to please the lowest common denominator. 

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