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Enttec emu with logic pro

I was looking for a way to use enttec emu with logic pro for lighting automation. Are there any solutions to make these two programs speak to eachother? Right now when we try to send any midi to emu directly it crashes and we can't get the two programs to speak to eachother.

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i was using the full ‘paid for’ version.

Any updates to this situation? I'm doing the following:

  • Create a track in Logic Pro.
  • Use the "External Instrument"  device
  • Select the IAC virtual MIDI device as my external instrument
  • Create a loop with some MIDI controller changes
  • Open EMU
  • Select IAC as the MIDI input
And now whenever I press play in Logic, EMU crashes instantly.

I'm on an M1 mac.

Any update would be great. Thanks

I truly believe EMU works good with Logic via MIDI (VST still fails). In your case I think there is a mistake in your Logic setup. I'll give a guess: probably your track with MIDI notes looped. Make "no input" for the input method. If it won't help - I would recommend create a ticket for EMU support, sure they'll help you with it. 

Hey Ben, 

I can confirm EMU does work with Logic Pro X, though granted I am using a last gen Intel Macbook Pro. 

One thing I saw in this forum which was a game changer, was to actually mute/disable the AU plug-in in both the bank and program channels, otherwise this will cause a feedback loop within your usb dmx dongle. 

In the attached screenshot look over to the left side of the screen. I have left the IAC driver enabled, but the EMU AU plug in is disabled. This will still send dmx without causing a feedback loop. 

You can see on the right side of the screen my vis is still receiving dmx. 

I have a feeling this may be the reason you're experiencing crashes so hopefully this helps! 

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