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Orion Orcan4 DMX 10 Channel Control

Manual: (Attached)

Manufacturers web page:

DMX Channel Layout: (Page 7 of pdf doc, Page 4 of manual)

CH1 Master Dimming Master adjustment for light intensity, from dark to bright. CH2 Master Strobe Master adjustment for strobe speed under single color mode, from slow to fast. 

CH3 Effect Select 0-5: manual (single color); 6-99: Color step changing; 100-150: Color fading; 151-200: Color pulsing; 201-255: Audio chase. 

CH4 Speed Control Effects speed control, from slow to fast. 

CH5 Dimming – Red Red color intensity adjustment. 

CH6 Dimming – Green Green color intensity adjustment. 

CH7 Dimming – Blue Blue color intensity adjustment. 

CH8 Dimming – White White color intensity adjustment. 

CH9 Dimming – Amber Amber color intensity adjustment. 

CH10 Dimming – UV UV intensity adjustment.


This has now been added in the Crescit library, meaning the fixture will be available as of next Monday (14.11.22).

I can't find this fixture. what is it under? Could you please be more clear? 


It is under Orion FX-LIghts manufacturer. 

Fixture Type : PAR

Hi, Thanks for the response; however, the main problem is there isn't Orion FX-Lights on the list. I don't know what I'm missing


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