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S-play and triggers

Is there a way to use the digital button to trigger the start of a playlist repeatedly? At the moment, I can only trigger the playlist once for it's full duration, but I want the button to trigger the start of the playlist, interrupting its current state and starting over, every time the button is pressed. Am I missing an easy setting somewhere? 

No you are not missing anything , it works that way , if there's need to trigger Playlist from start it needs to be stopped first.

That's too bad. Its seems like such a simple fix and a good feature for a lot of users. Any work arounds to accomplish what I'm looking for? 

Hey Paul, 
There is a workaround to get this happening tho it is slightly more fiddly.

You could do it with two playlists.
The First receives the input and sends a stop then start command within milliseconds to the second that has the show.

The problem is, I want to use all 4 buttons, 1 on each digital input, to trigger 4 different playlists, with the last button pressed always taking precedent. Any thoughts?

I'd recommend using the 1 playlist per group function on the show playlists (ensuring they are all in same group.) This way as soon as the show is played S-play will automatically stop any other show that is playing in the group.
This way it is possible that you don't need even need stop commands as if both the trigger and show playlists are in the same group then as soon as you play the trigger it will stop the show to run the trigger that fires the show playlist. This way there is no delay while waiting for two separate triggers to be sent even if it would have been perceivably insignificant.

Hope that makes helps and makes sense.

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