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Feedback & Bug Report to Enttec Team


Bug Report:

While existing oscillations are currently in "play", creating a new oscillation on another fader will not work at all. The fader will remain at 0 and won't move. You are forced to stop all oscillations, delete the one you created and recreate it.

Feature Requests:

1) License key for 2 machines; I have a windows tablet and home PC; I often like to trial my light shows at home. I don't want to deactivate a license every time I wish to use my desktop PC. Adobe have a one time open app policy. It feels like more effort was put into licensing than software features. Please prioritize this.

2) Maximum or minimum values for oscillations. If I choose a sine oscillation for example then I'd like to be able to set the maximum and minimum threshold for faders. A moving head light needs this as we don't want it doing a full tilt rotation. While you have "amount" this is simply not adequate enough. I would like the tilt to start at X value and move down to X value. Forgive me if this can already be done; If so; please let me know below.

3) This has been said many times before. You NEED to implement a fixture manager. You can not spend all your resources adding fixtures. Its not practical for end users and it's not a good use of your time. Have a database with "known" fixtures by all means. Make it possible to add and remove fixtures.

4) Touch screen devices, tapping on programs or selecting banks is scary in case you hit the wrong menu item. I have big fingers. Please make the software touch screen friendly. I need banks, I need programs.

Dragging the faders up and down with my fingers feels laggy, slow. The fader is moving but my finger ends up 7 pages down before it hits the bottom.

5) Windowless, Full Screen. If I'm using this software; I don't care what Windows is doing or any other OS. Please allow full screen, Id like the machine to look and feel like a console.

6) Audio Syncing, Timeline - A way to time lights to a track. We often need to do pre-planned filming. It would be nice to hit "Play", the music plays, the lights do what they are programmed to do.

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Hey Shaun, want to share my thought on your detailed message:

1) - ;

2) You can easily adjust this values - use the 4th ring which is called "Amount" AND "Fixture attribute manager" in the right corner of the app;

3) Yep, I was interested in this question and as far as I got - it is in work now;

4) Probably a good point, I just don't use tabs, BTW in what exactly location it is hard to use for you (I see 3 locations where "banks and programs")? For example, on the most bottom of the app you see "program & banks" field - these buttons may be mapped to MIDI controller;

5) Not sure, what exactly you mean, as on my Mac it can be worked in full screen as well as on Windows (however on Windows only Start bar is still left as visible, when on Mac EMU covers the whole screen without any exceptions - but here I think it is just core differences between operation systems);

6) If I understood right - I don't think EMU has such an option yet.

Hope these will be helpful at least a bit :) 

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