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Tomshine - Led mini moving head light 12pcs*3w rgbw 1/13 channel

Led mini moving head light 12pcs*3w rgbw

Purchased on amazon a few years ago - but cant find the manual anymore as the seller replaced this item with a newer model with different channel settings.

7 or 13 channel mode.

Attached are the settings.

The 7 channel mode is tested via profile builder.

All channels are as seen in the picture.  Everything is 0-255 with the exception of the dimmer. 

Dimmer is 

Dim: 1-199

Strobe: 200-250

Open: 251-255

(992 Bytes)

Hi Greg,

For some reason I can't open/download the manual. Can you please take a screenshot of the DMX Map and paste it here in comment section?

There are two images below. the text image is the 13 channel mode.

The other is the 7 channel mode with the added context from original post.


This has now been added in the Crescit library, meaning the fixture will be available as of next Monday (12.12.22). This is labeled as 12 x 3W LED Mini Moving Head.

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