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DMXIS not working with EMU-

Hello, I had an issue where my DMXIS box wouldn't work with EMU-

It wouldn't work correctly with any of my fixtures, even brand-name ones.

I reverted back to (decided to try a few back in case more recent updates also didn't work) and the DMXIS box worked correctly again.

Operating System: Windows

Hello James, I've just used my DMXIS box with EMU- on 3 different laptops (1 of them Mac and 2 are Win). Although I use noname fixtures - the box controls them pretty well, no issues met. Also, I updated EMU for the currently last BETA and didn't face any kind of issues with DMXIS. 

I can suggest you to update to BETA version too and try again. If you will still face with the issue - share your log please, wondering what is going wrong on your end. 

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Hey Andrei, Thanks for the reply :) I'll give it another shot and try the beta version. Much appreciated!!

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