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EMU improvement

 Some remarks that would help to make the workflow more confortable :

When oscillations are in a program, the fade time do not work on the oscillation

Repatching would change the position of the faders. that's very boring.

Need to be able to change the position size and the colors of the faders.
Having submasters or groups on the same board (or same rectangle) could help. And having master for groups. using the master for motors or for postiion would just make bad things, not diming. would be great if we can at least make some faders out of the master.

Need to be able to rename the main window (even if not in program window)

An automatic number of program would be great to be able to call them from midi. especially when adding a program not at the end shifts all the other programs

woudl be great to be able to enable faders or dissable liek it was in DMXIS software. now , when a fader is locked, the program change does not unlock it.. it is locked for the whole show...

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