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Re-occuring revenue, subscription model

I'm surprised I can't find any other thread about this topic so I decided to make one myself. I have to say I'm very disappointed with the newly implemented subscription model for EMU. 

When I bought my Enttec DMX USB PRO MK2, I did not see this coming. I thought this device was genius for making light shows more accessible for musicians by using midi data, however I feel like I've been tricked into paying for way more indefinitely for something that was not advertised initially. 

Not only that but even when it was free I still thought the device was painfully difficult to operate, and these things still don't seem to be fixed. 

Even if I use the limited VST mapping I can only automate the faders with constant interpellation, making the curves unnecessarily detailed and not scalable. 

The potential for this device and software I think is immense but it has been shut down by this awful subscription model. I suppose this was the internal fight you had when moving away from the old DMXis units.

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Agreed this is an expensive subscription. Please lower the cost to like 5 bucks.

I wonder what the legalities are of this - I for one would have never purchased the DMX USB Pro if I'd known to effectively use the darn thing I'd be paying a subscription fee every year, or alternatively use such a crippled free version as to be virtually useless - AND the alleged replacement for the DMXIS still nowhere in sight to boot.  I'm fine with the USB Pro, but again it goes to ENTTEC not living up to what they say they are going to do - not really the best look for the company in my opinion.

Agree, for professionals it seams very reasonable, but for us it’s excessive. Just a couple of midi notes available would do wonders

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The subscription also seems geared toward those who make a living with lighting shows or serious amateurs, I'm just an average Jo with a couple of lights in home music room. Seems excessive, perhaps a free but maybe more limited version would also be a good model?

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I _COMPLETELY_ agree!  While it may not deliberately be a bait and switch tactic, it certainly comes across as one.  ENTEC - make this right and honor the one-time purchase that was promised a number of us when we purchased your products!

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