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Can EMU import shows from D-Pro?

I updated my Dell laptop to Windows 11 and now D-Pro fails to communicate with my USB DMXIS interface.  I would like to try EMU, but I have a couple of shows that I need to import.  Can EMU import or open a D-Pro show?



HI John,

Unfortunately not. Due to improvements and core differences between these softwares EMU cannot open shows from DMXIS or D-pro.

On a detour from that however, I've fired up D-pro on my windows 11 laptop and I'm still able to connect to the DMXIS hardware so it seems strange you are having trouble. Maybe try re installing the FTDI drivers incase they didn't survive the update to to windows 11.
D2XX Direct Drivers 

Thank you, I will try that.  It is interesting though that when I run the DMXIS app that came with the DMXIS interface, it seems to be able to connect.  Only D-Pro complains.  Our competition season starts in less than a month. 

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