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My Orion Orlaser 103 not working in emu

Anyone have any advice on this! I have an Orion orlaser 103 RGB light. Using DMX Pro usb to connect. I had the device added into emu. The patches come up and identified. The green flashing light on usb pro and the fixture receiving signal. But it does nothing…. None of the faders do anything when moved. Channels on the fixture are set to dmx/slave The fixture is a 3 pin dmx. I have a 5-3 pin from the usb pro. Check out the connections with a blizzard LB Hex led Works fine. Very frustrated spent days looking at videos and reading but still nothing. Does it have to do with art settings? Very new to this, Thanks in advance.

First of all, you need to figure out possible issues:

1) EMU doesn't output from PC to DMX pro:

    - check you DMX device is shown in EMU preference menu and it the output toggle is enabled.

2) DMX USB pro doesn't send any data to the DMX itself:

    - connect any other DMX device;

    - connect another DMX USB pro or DMX USB pro MK2 as input device and check input tab in EMU;

    - check your DMX device Orion address (channel).

3) You may have wrong fadder mapping:

    - try to use new option in EMU to fix your fixture fadders mapping (custom fixture editor), see your fixture's manual as reference.

Hi Andrie,

Thanks for the details.

So the flow is DMX fixture out to dmx usb pro input the usb to pc?

Is that correct?

So a question then.

Why does emu control my lb hex led fixture from the dmx usb output.

I will have to get another dmx cord in reverse to try the other way.


Sorry if that sounds all basic but like I'm new.

You need two DMX USB PRO devices for that. I forgot to mention it can be the cable issue.

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