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RGB Strips with Patterns, DMX Decoders and EMU


I have a simple setup of LED strips for a band stage show.

They are 4 RGBW LED strips each at 4'

I would like to control them using simple patterns (fade, scan, dual color chaser, chasers etc) I don't really need to use them as pixels, so would something like  32 Channel DMX Decoder allows me to do this, set patterns, and address that decoder in EMU?  I see above I can set it to "Generic LED" 

Or would I need that Pixel Converter?

I just want to be sure before I start buying things. 

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Hello, it looks like if your 32 Channel DMX Decoder supports your 4 RGBW LED protocol you can use it. Just connect any DMX output device (DMX USB PRO for example) to your computer & send DMX to your 32 Channel DMX Decoder. To control your playback you can use EMU, just add faders to the PATCH. You can create your own fixture from the added faders and manage your stripe as a whole.

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