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connection stop error


I bought a DMX USB PRO to use the lights on the stage.

And recently, I finally did a test, and there's one problem.
The connection keeps cutting off.
For the use environment, DMX USB PRO was connected to a Windows laptop using Cubase 12, and EMU used the latest version.

( I tested on /

The lighting Fixture is Nanlite Forza 500 / Aperture Nova P300C.

It works well and then suddenly stops working. When operated using automation in the Cubase, the value changes in the EMU program, but the lights do not react. It works well at first, but over time, it keeps going like this.

How can we solve this problem?


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Hello, thanks for the log, it showed the track for the issues. From what I am seeing, your DMX USB PRO doesn't have the correct driver, please install FTDI driver from the next link:

For the full description reference:

Please let us know here on the results. 

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