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EMU in Studio One

Using presonus studio one to run backing tracks with click. Would like to automate lights as well. I'm able to control faders for the lights in studio one using automation lanes but I can't trigger the "banks" or "programs" feature to switch. I see something on emu screen that says I can update to emu "premium" to control those features but I don't see how to do that. If I update, will I be able to trigger those? I'm trying to accomplish this with having to buy the Showbuddy active and showbuddy setlist. Any one have any ideas??? I can control faders only...tryin to control program switching and trigger oscillation. Dell laptop Windows 11 Studio one v5 Enttec EMU DMX pro
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Hello John,

EMU premium allows to use VST3/AU plugins for up to 512 faders. Also to use MIDI notes. Change banks & programs using plugins or Midi notes. And some more additional options. For the full list see EMU webpage comparison slide.

To make it premium you should buy a subscription (monthly or yearly). Or buy a device listed there on the comparison slide. 

Hope this will help.


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