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More the one EMU VST track in Ableton?

I am able to configure one EMU VST on a single track within Ableton Live 11, on Windows 10. But, I am unable to setup a second instance of the VST on a second track. I am trying to assign 10 lights to 10 tracks. Has anyone done this successfully?

Try double clicking on the VST3 on your plugins. Drops down to Enttec and then to EmuVst. Do this while in session view then drag and drop the EmuVst to the midi track.  

Thanks Scott.  I am able to get multiple VSTs added to tracks. But, I am only able to "Configure" the first one.  When I click on "Configure" on the second VST - nothing happens.  Are you able to configure more than 1 VST?

Ableton Live 11 on Windows 64bit


You need update EMU, starting from version this is resolved.

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