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Can't download fixtures (MacOS)

I tried downloading the fixtures update, hoping my QTX PB-1214 would be there. However I get an error when trying to download. It says... "Access to the path '/Applications/' is denied."

I tried adding EMU to the file access in 'Privacy & Security' but that didn't help, I found some EMU log files which reveal problems happening before it gets to the fixture download e.g. "Network is unreachable". I've attached today's log. After the error, the EMU menu locked up and I had to terminate the program from the OS. I'm guessing these are privilege errors but at a loss to know what to tweak. Happy to supply more details / scrrenshots etc. if required.


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Problem sorted. Enttec's Daniel Everett emailed me with some suggestions for the Mac. The fix was to right click => Get info on the app itself and enable read / write.

Thanks Daniel :-)

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