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Using EMU requires MacBook reboot every time.

Hey there,

I'm having an issue where EMU does not recognize my mk2 unless I restart my MacBook Pro 
(Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015)

If I open EMU then connect the mk2 via USB, EMU will not recognize it no matter how many times I refresh it. However, if I close EMU, keep the mk2 plugged in, and restart my 
MacBook, then EMU will recognize it. I have to be extremely carful not to unplug the device unless I'm fully aware that I'll have to reboot my Mac in order to use EMU with the mk2. 

Has anyone experienced this? If so, I'd appreciate an answer asap! 

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Hey Matt, knowing you resolved the issue want to share your resolution with others who may face such an issue.

Matt installed VCP drivers to bypass Apple's extension which blocked drivers. Here are the link to the drivers he used.

Also some may find useful to read troubleshooting described in the related section of the Forum.

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