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Programming fades in emu to dimmer pack

Is there a way to program Emu to fade in or out on a dimmer pack through Ableton? Or is the only way to make programs set to different percentages triggered in sequence?

EMU has fading, but as for Ableton I think this question better be asked on Ableton forum, however here some may know Ableton pretty good so that will be able to answer your question.

I have Ableton on my Mac, but I don't know what you mean saying dimmer pack through Ableton. 

I have 8 dimmer packs run by wireless DMX. The dimmer pack is a box with 4 channels 2 outlets per channel that turn the lights connected to it on and off (halogen lights and strobe lights) in EMU. I have EMU routed through Ableton triggering programs in EMU. When I adjust the lights in EMU I can fade them on and fade them off. Is there automation in EMU to program this, where that program can be triggered in Ableton? Or do I just keep the same on/off program in EMU and use the automation in Ableton to achieve fade ins and outs? That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Or do I have to make a series of programs setting the lights at percentages and cue them individually in Ableton to achieve fading in and out? If that makes sense.

In this case it is worth making Fade programs in EMU (see attached video) and then trigger EMU programs using MIDI notes in Ableton. As the result you'll get automation you want, if I understood right.

(11.9 MB)
II have 24 dimmer channels programmed. Using fade times on programs results in flashing of all incan. channels over duration of fade. It's very problematic. LEDS seem to be fine on intensity but there are all sorts of other parameters doing random value output

Andrew, not sure what you mean. Is there a way you can share a video with it? 

It means 16bit fades on an 8bit dimmer, adjacent channels/dimmers were pulsing to the rise and fall in the fine value, spectacular but not wanted.

Great support from Matthew in Melbourne, headed us toward the last 8 bit fade version, which has some janky hiccups on the inability to fade in a program with an oscillator in play. 

Maybe there's a need to create a patch where the choice of dimmer / intensity is 16 or 8 bit?.


Looks like a bug. If you haven't raised up a ticket yourself, I think support will do it for you and will help you out for sure.

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