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Programming fades in emu to dimmer pack

Is there a way to program Emu to fade in or out on a dimmer pack through Ableton? Or is the only way to make programs set to different percentages triggered in sequence?

EMU has fading, but as for Ableton I think this question better be asked on Ableton forum, however here some may know Ableton pretty good so that will be able to answer your question.

I have Ableton on my Mac, but I don't know what you mean saying dimmer pack through Ableton. 

I have 8 dimmer packs run by wireless DMX. The dimmer pack is a box with 4 channels 2 outlets per channel that turn the lights connected to it on and off (halogen lights and strobe lights) in EMU. I have EMU routed through Ableton triggering programs in EMU. When I adjust the lights in EMU I can fade them on and fade them off. Is there automation in EMU to program this, where that program can be triggered in Ableton? Or do I just keep the same on/off program in EMU and use the automation in Ableton to achieve fade ins and outs? That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Or do I have to make a series of programs setting the lights at percentages and cue them individually in Ableton to achieve fading in and out? If that makes sense.
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