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Saving Shows

 Just wondering why my shows aren't saving? It's happened twice now so I'm clearly doing something wrong. Only time, I can see, to save is when shutting down so what am I missing?

That's weird. Never faced with it. Can you make a video and attach here to show how are your shows not saving? 



Thanks Andrei P, I've gone through the manual and it's pretty light on this issue and have been watching the Learn Stage Lighting tutorials as the Enntec ones aren't helpful. Good to know it's weird! Have attached a screen shot, as the software won't allow me to save the shows. Does this make sense? Anyone from Enntec able to provide some guidance on this pretty straightforward question!

So I've just selected different shows on the show page, so just flicking through these, having saved the banks in the program widget, the banks of the show literally just disappeared!

Don't pay attention to this toggle, it is made for other purposes. It is required when you want to change, delete, create new and so on... but the current show is not saved and you want to ignore it (sometimes shows are complicated and use many automations, so that it changes every second and it lead to a case that EMU wants to save it all the time when in fact it is automation work). Here is a video with an example. 

Use disquete button to save your shows.


Thanks heaps Andrei, so have just done all you've shown in the video. Updated my show with some new banks and programs, saved it every way possible Ctrl+s and in the programs widget, closed it saving it again. Re-opened and nothing was saved! Have also updated tonight to make sure I'm running the latest version. The manual says it's supposed to save automatically so it's certainly not doing that.

Hello Daniel, 

try update your EMU to the latest current BETA version And if the issue repeats - make a short video with it, to see how it is look like.


I think I found the problem. If i remove the Fixtures file from Documents - EMU - Shows - Default, Emu Loads up ok. If i put it back in It crashes on boot up./ Here is the file.

(113 KB)

Interesting, but would you be so kind to share your show as just a fixture file without other files of a show - doesn't make sense. 


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