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Fixture Request: Multiform Multispot G-ii HP5

manual at:

Manufacturer Website:

I'm really new to DMX and am just trying to control these two fixtures in ableton, so i apologize if i'm not giving the correct DMX map info, but this is the only info in the manual that i could find that specifies channels:

DMX General Mode/Address Setting

3RAW - 3 colors RGC (3 channels)

3CCC - 3 colors RGB + combined master/strobe (4 channels)

3CMS - 3 colors RGB + master + strobe (5 channels)

5RAW - 5 colors RGBWA (5 channels)

5CMS - 5 colors RGBWA + Master + Strobe (7 channels)

HSLS - Hue Saturation Lightness + strobe ( 4 channels)

PRES - Presets

once again I apologize if this isn't the correct information. I'm a newby for sure. any info you could give me would be helpful. Thanks, and have a great day



if the MODE button is pressed the display

returns to show “GDMX

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This has now been added in the Crescit library, meaning the fixture will be available as of next Monday (10.04.23).

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