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Fixture request Showtec Octostrips MK II


I  would like to have the Showtec Octostrips MK II added to the fixture library. 
Please with all the channel modes (6,8,14,26,50,192,208). 


(2.34 MB)


This has now been added in the Crescit library, meaning the fixture will be available as of next Monday (17.04.23).


The 'Octostrip' that has been attached isn't the right one. I'm still missing some channel modes as stated in the manual that I supplied in the first message above. Could you please add the right modes as stated in the manual? I would like to control each and every led segment per strip apart from each other.


It is labeled as "Octostrip MKII". it has the following modes in the Crescit library:



Thanks, found it. The only thing I can't do now is control each segment of the strip on it's own. If I put the first red full open, all the first segments of the 8 strips go red. Is there a way to avoid this and control each segment of each strip individually?

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